Fleet Program

Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program

The Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program* is designed to meet the needs of corporate customers who are interested in purchasing or leasing new vehicles for inclusion in their corporate fleets. If you wish to participate in the program, you first need to apply for a Corporate Account Number (CAN) from Mercedes-Benz. To qualify for a CAN, the following criteria must be met:

1) A company must have at least 5 motorized, over the road vehicles (any make, model, year, owned or leased) currently registered in the company name. All registrations must be current.

2) A copy of each valid registration attached to the completed enrollment form must be submitted to MBUSA Fleet for approval. Contemporary Motor Cars,Inc. can assist you in this process and submit the application for you.

Once approved, your company will receive a CAN (Corporate Account Number) allowing you to purchase new vehicles through the program. All incentives are published and subject to change monthly. They are based on dollar amounts and paid from the first vehicle acquired after qualifying for the program.

The majority of Mercedes-Benz models qualify for incentives which can range up to several thousand dollars. Please contact us for more details about the program and how it can benefit you, your employees, and even under certain circumstances, your family.

*The Mercedes-benz Fleet Program is available for qualified customers only.

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